Here at Panama Enduro Tours we only use the best bikes and the best equipment for our riders.

Factory supplied Husqvarna TE 250i 2019 purchased new in August 2018 so you can be ensured you are riding the best enduro bikes in the world. All of our bikes are fitted with Tubliss systems to ensure maximum grip and puncture free riding. The bikes are also fitted with Bulletproof Designs radiator guards, rear disc guards along with Polisport clutch covers and AXP skid plates to keep us from damaging anything that would hold up a ride. Cycra Ultra Probend guards are in place to protect the riders hands. Funnelweb filters complete our accessories to keep our bikes breathing well.

At the beginning of the day we invite all our riders to check over the bikes to make sure they are in optimum condition. At the end of the day our mechanics wash and check over the Husqvarna TE 250i for damage and complete our daily service checks such as air filter cleaning, chain tensioning, lubrication and tire airchecks so we are ready to roll the next day. We carry a full range of parts to ensure nobody is left without a bike during a trip.

All of our guides carry a full tool kit and are experts in repairing any trailside mishaps along the way.

It is very important that riders bring their full riding protection along with them and we highly recommend a camel pack with minimum capacity of 3 liters. For riders that have had the misfortune of their luggage not arriving in time we have a limited supply of boots, helmets and other protection equipment for sale.

Please note any damage besides the normal scrapes to plastics will be charged at the end of the trip.